Go Green Initiative  

Here at The Cosy Bear Company, our team have actively been looking in ways we can help our environment with the use of textiles. Our Go Green Initiative is to do our part in recycling material goods so they don’t end up in the landfills. We have been looking into a range of materials we could upcycle, we won’t rule any fabrics out. Our product range is going to constantly evolve the more we look into materials and products we can produce from products no longer good to someone else. Not only is it second hand materials we source, we will be sourcing from companies who have fabrics they no longer need or are looking to dispose of. We feel as though even the smallest contributions are a step closer in achieving a global movement.

 Globally as we transcend into this new age of fashion, everything we buy has an impact. An impact which we want everyone to stop and think about. How was this fabric produced, what went into producing it, who was impacted a long the way, Animals, people, our planet? The constant need as a society we have for new styles and constant new trends has lend to fast fashion at very low prices. This alone has led to an increase in production of clothing and the downside of the increase off fabric thrown away as waste.

 For a moment, stop and take a look around you. Chances are you’re either wearing something out of fabric, sitting or standing in a place surrounded by fabrics. From the curtains to the carpets, the sofas, to the upholstery, the fabrics are everywhere. Now stop and think, once these fabrics and products are no longer good to you where do they eventually end up? The Landfills?

Did you know globally the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Textile production alone is estimated to release a devastating 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into our Earths atmosphere every year.  Not only is the greenhouse gases an issue in the fashion industry but so is waste water. The industry is responsible for 20% of global waste water as a result of producing the clothes we wear, a vast amount of water is used.

In light of all this, we looked into which fabrics are taking up the luxury market. Although it seems to be a controversial topic, Cashmere stood out greatly. With increasing demand for cashmere, it comes with justified concern on how sustainable the fabric is.

Formerly a very expensive luxury commodity, is now accessible on all levels and can now be found on the high street. The fast fashion has resulted in the fabric been mass produced for greater profits and affordable to more consumers.

In the long run, this means the demand for cashmere continues to rise to a point where it is no longer sustainable.

Our team are always open to learn more. We would love to hear ideas you might have in ways we can do more towards this initiative. If you want to send in old designer or cashmere goods we would love to see what we could come up with to upcycle your garments. Let’s say no to landfills and yes to upcycling!

Please feel free to drop us an email on info@thecosybearcompany.com .