The upcycling process is where we put the hard work in.

We have big bales of cashmere delivered and designer garments from around the world, which we wash and dry ready for the sorting process. The garments are checked for any defects, making sure the product is ready for the next phase. We have designed templates which are used to get the most out of each garment. Our aim is to have little or no waste.

The labels are then removed from the garments and put to one side to be recycled. Once the template has been cut out, we salvage what else we can from the garments and put it to the side to make other products.

There is extraordinarily little waste as even the garments with a hole or stain are put to the side and recycled by a 3rd party. So our company aim to have low to no waste across all our products.

Once the products are made, they are quality checked and then packed in our packaging ready to be sent to customers.