We are often told our gloves are great for arthritis and Raynaud’s sufferers. These conditions can be extremely uncomfortable, so if our products can help ease the pain, we are happy to be doing our bit.

Blood circulation

From the great response received from our customers, we have found the gloves help with blood circulation as well as arthritis pains.

It is important we all get out, keep active and do our stretches. We have had positive feedback from younger generations who work a lot from their laptops or their phones, they say the gloves have helped them with pains and pins needles feeling in their hands.

The gloves keep the joints in your hand warm and relieve them from the cold getting in, helping the blood circulate properly around your hands. The beauty of the design is they are very practical. They can be worn to work as the gloves are fingerless, meaning you do not have to keep taking them on and off to do everyday tasks.