100% Bamboo White Fingerless Gloves

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Hypoallergenic Handmade Recycled
Breathability 45 Day Return 100% Cashmere
Antibacterial Made in the UK Helps Raynaud's
Upcycled One size for All Helps Blood Circulation
Super Soft Zero Waste Helps Arthritis
Snug Fast Shipping Super Soft
Moisture Wicking Very Warm
Environmentally Friendly Stylish
Helps Blood Circulation
Helps Helps Raynaud's
Helps Arthritis

Here at The Cosy Bear Company we have launched a new range of Bamboo products for the summer months and also for people who may find Cashmere/Wool irritating to the skin. They have great similarities to our Cashmere gloves plus more benefits. 

Health Benefits Of Our Gloves ( They really do help! Check our reviews! )

  1. Raynaud's Syndrome
  2. Hypothyroidism 
  3. Arthritis 
  4. Livedo Reticularis
  5. Blood Circulation problems
  6. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Bamboo gloves offer several potential health benefits:

  1. Hypoallergenic: Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies to other materials. This quality reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions when wearing bamboo gloves.

  2. Breathability: Bamboo fabric is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate freely through the material. This helps to regulate temperature and moisture, keeping your hands cool and dry. For individuals prone to sweating or who need to wear gloves for extended periods, this breathability can help prevent discomfort and skin irritation.

  3. Antibacterial properties: Bamboo contains natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which can help inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. This can be beneficial for maintaining hand hygiene and reducing the risk of bacterial or fungal infections, particularly in environments where hands may come into contact with germs frequently.

  4. Softness and comfort: Bamboo fabric is known for its softness and smooth texture, which can provide a comfortable wearing experience. The gentle feel of bamboo gloves is less likely to cause chafing or irritation compared to rougher materials, enhancing overall comfort.

  5. Moisture-wicking: Bamboo fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties, meaning it can efficiently absorb moisture away from the skin and evaporate it, keeping hands dry and comfortable. This feature is particularly advantageous during physical activities or in warm environments where sweating is common.

  6. Environmentally friendly: Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires minimal water and pesticides to thrive. Choosing bamboo gloves can therefore be a more environmentally friendly option compared to gloves made from non-renewable materials or those with a higher environmental footprint.

Overall, 100% bamboo gloves offer a combination of comfort, breathability, and potential health benefits that make them a popular choice for individuals seeking sustainable and skin-friendly hand protection.

Our fingerless gloves are both fashionable and have great health benefits. The gloves keep the joints in your hands warm and relieve them from the cold getting in. The beauty of the design is they are very practical. They can be worn for everyday tasks as they're fingerless and be used as wrist warmers too. From the great response we’ve received from our customers, we have been told our product has helped them with blood circulation as well as their arthritis pains.

Step into comfort and sustainability with our 100% Bamboo Fingerless Gloves. Crafted from luxurious bamboo fibers, these gloves offer a blend of functionality, style, and eco-consciousness. Designed with versatility in mind, they provide the perfect balance between protection and freedom, making them ideal for various activities and environments.

The natural properties of bamboo fabric shine through in these fingerless gloves. Experience unparalleled softness against your skin, as the smooth texture gently caresses your hands. Unlike traditional gloves, these fingerless ones offer enhanced breathability, allowing air to flow freely and keeping your hands comfortably cool and dry, even during extended wear.

Bamboo's inherent hypoallergenic qualities make these gloves a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort, and revel in the soothing embrace of bamboo. Additionally, bamboo's natural antibacterial properties help keep your hands fresh and clean, reducing the risk of bacterial buildup and odors.

Whether you're typing away at your keyboard, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble, these fingerless gloves are up to the task. Their sleek design and neutral color make them a versatile accessory that complements any outfit with understated sophistication.

Join the movement towards sustainable fashion and conscious living with our 100% Bamboo Fingerless Gloves. Elevate your comfort, style, and environmental impact all at once.

Introducing our newest addition to sustainable style: 100% Bamboo Fingerless Gloves! Experience ultimate comfort and eco-friendly luxury with these versatile accessories. Perfect for those seeking a blend of functionality and fashion-forwardness.

✨ Luxurious Comfort: Made from 100% bamboo fibers, these gloves offer unparalleled softness and smoothness, ensuring a blissful wearing experience.

🌿 Eco-Friendly: Say hello to guilt-free fashion! Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly and requires minimal water and pesticides, making these gloves a sustainable choice for conscientious consumers.

🌬️ Breathable Design: Stay cool and comfortable all day long with the breathable properties of bamboo fabric. Perfect for year-round wear, these gloves keep your hands dry and fresh, no matter the activity.

🤲 Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial: Gentle on even the most sensitive skin, these gloves are hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial, providing relief from irritation and reducing the risk of bacterial buildup.

⚡ Versatile Style: Whether you're working, playing, or simply accessorizing, these fingerless gloves add a touch of elegance to any ensemble. From office chic to outdoor adventures, they're your go-to accessory for every occasion.

Upgrade your wardrobe with our 100% Bamboo Fingerless Gloves and embrace comfort, style, and sustainability in one chic package!

Check out the full range of colours we have in stock. 

All Bamboo products sold by us and are easy to take care of; When handling bamboo items, the garments can be washed in a machine set to the gentle cycle, in cold water, and dried in a dryer set to low heat. Bamboo fabric should never be washed in bleach or with fabric softener added to the water.

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